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"Working along side Andrea as a nurse, she has the knowledge, skills, and empathy that is unparalleled. Her experiences as both a nurse and practitioner in holistic health brings a unique experience of combining western and eastern medicine that other practitioners rarely provide. Whether you want relief from sciatic pain or work on your energy - you need to see Andrea for her voodoo love! " E.T.

"During the actual treatment, I was skeptical of TCM and a more integrative approach that is offered, but after my first session was over, I immediately knew I would be back again. Not only did I find improvement in my physical symptoms, but mentally I felt refreshed. I decided to see Andrea again for a different issue that had never been a problem for me. She assessed my holistically and was able to give me new tools to add to my self-care tool belt. She offered me a new way to think of myself physically. mentally and emotionally." P.Y. 

"Since working with Andrea my pain levels have significantly decreased and I have better mobility in my shoulders and neck. Andrea has treated me through a myriad of life’s experiences both physical pain and emotional pain, and every time I leave a session, I feel better than when I went in. Andrea has taught me (however begrudgingly on my end) to be more aware about my body and how I’m feeling every day. It has been a slow process, but I’m becoming more and more aware of how I carry myself each day impacts how I feel in my body." K.W.

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