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Pieces of Me, Nurse and Integrative Practitioner

Slowly things are coming together. My career has been gradually evolving. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why. Why this constant need to learn, and see health in a different way. A deep-rooted feeling that something was missing, that I wasn’t seeing the full picture. I’ve only just realized that with nursing it’s only looking at a portion of the person. We are seeing and treating segments, tapping into only a tiny aspect of what we need to in order to heal. For years now I didn’t get that what I was looking for was a way to see my patients as more than just broken bodies. Physical illness in our current health care is viewed separate from emotion, energy and divinity. But let me jump back a bit…

Six years ago I was on a completely different journey with my profession. I was working in a cardiac intensive care unit and was getting increasingly frustrated at how myopic the approach to the human body was. I wanted to do something more but didn’t really know what that was. I thought that applying to go back to school and getting my masters, as a nurse practitioner was the answer. I worked for months on my application. I needed a change and a big one. While this professional shift was occurring I was also digging deep and making some big changes in my personal life. Yoga and meditation became a way for me to rediscover who I was since I had lost touch with myself in the years before. I remember hearing back from the university that I had been accepted into the program but not into the sub specialty that I wanted. And in a millisecond I knew it wasn’t the right move. I didn’t logically think I just acted. I withdrew my application, and within the span of two days found an integrative college on the west coast and applied. I was accepted and started the transition there. To this day I don’t know how I found out about the college or why I even started looking into integrative bodywork. At the time it was the biggest leap of intuition I had ever experienced. During my time there I was working with patients on a whole other level. Connecting physical conditions to elements, energy, and emotions. I began to notice that when working with patients I would experience an intuitive nudge on what to do, I would know how they felt and what was needed in the moment to help them facilitate their own healing. I could physically feel it in my own body and I couldn’t ignore it. Internal shifts and sensations that I began to trust in a big way. They let me know how and in what way the patient could release to start healing on a deeper level. I had no way to explain what was happening or why I was having these experiences but I just kept following their cues and directions. Over the course of months I finished my certificate in Thai massage therapy and moved back home. But before I left I received a few treatments at the colleges acupuncture student clinic. Again major shifts personally through these treatments. Energetic releases in ways my conventional western medicine brain couldn’t explain. But since they happened to me I couldn’t so easily dismiss them, even though I tried. Those few appointments allowed me to realize that my next step was to study traditional Chinese medicine. So once back home I followed that gut instinct again and enrolled in a local program. Looking back I am surprised at how I made my way to here, the steps I took without even being aware how strongly I was following my intuition.

So now I sit as a nurse, meditation instructor, Thai massage therapist, student of acupuncture, business owner and it still didn’t all fit. I couldn’t understand the transition or the evolution of it all. Only recently I have been learning about and receiving energetic bodywork, reiki treatments and healings. I have always had a curiosity about energy medicine but my analytical western brain had a hard time grasping it because it’s not tangible. Trusting my body and feelings I couldn’t deny the significant shifts that happened to me after receiving a treatment. So I recently enrolled in a Reiki level 1 & 2 course and that is when all the pieces started falling into place. I can see I was searching for the intangible I knew intuitively was there all along. As I shifted and grew becoming more energetically aligned with who I was I needed my practice and profession to do the same. My career started with my nursing profession, which is tangible and physically focused. Slowly shifted to add in Thai massage, which works with the physical and the energetics of the body. Then acupuncture which works deeper with the energetic connection. Meditation allowed me to see that the energetics of breath can be powerful at shifting how we hold and release energy and emotions. Then Reiki, a healing modality that works with that which is even subtler energetically. I now know that the intuition that I was following and the treatments I have given as a practitioner in my personal business have all been driven by that subtle energetic connection. As I have grown more aware of the energetics of it all so has my practice.

So that is what I offer, an ability to see you as an individual physically and energetically. Holding space for you to work on your own health and wellbeing at whatever place you are comfortable at. I combine years of knowledge about the physical body with my intuitive approach to the subtle and powerful energetic body. I can see and feel it and meet you right where you are. I truly believe this is the way our medicine and healthcare needs to go. We are multifaceted beings and we need healing and support on all levels even if our current medical system hasn’t got there yet. My intuition and knowledge has strongly led me to this place of integration and I can’t wait to offer it all to you.

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