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Acupuncture, Anxiety & Blood

Anxiety in Chinese medicine can be approached in many different ways. When assessing your anxiety, we look at the spleen, lungs, kidneys, liver and heart. As well as the state of blood in your body. Making the acupuncture approach completely unique to you.

This can relate to a history of blood loss and in my clinical experience the nutritive value of blood.

Recent blood loss from childbirth, miscarriage, abortion or heavy vaginal bleeding of any cause. Or blood loss from surgery or bleeding anywhere in the body. This may relate directly to your hemoglobin levels.

The nutritive value of blood speaks to the iron levels, micronutrients and vitamin levels. What you eat and how your body assimilates it. Sometimes you may eat all the "right" things but still struggle with body absorption.

As well we need to consider how living during times of compounded stress leads to feelings of being burnt out. This burn out directly relates to your blood and how strong it is to hold your spirit. If your blood can't root your spirit in Chinese medicine, it can lead to anxiety. The degree to which your spirit is rooted can be seen in your Shen. Shen is the brightness of your skin, the spark in your eye and the animation of your appearance.

For example, many clients present with low "normal" iron levels and anxiety. The iron levels point to a trend of iron deficiency but not anemia. Majority of time iron levels are disregarded in relation to anxiety in western medicine. You are told to eat more iron and that is that. But it is so much more. Sometimes it's not about what you eat but how your body is processing that food to make blood. Then how that blood supports your spirit. All playing a part in how your anxiety presents itself.

Through acupuncture we can nourish the blood, decrease stress, support the organs involved in making blood, educate you to add in blood building foods and empower you to have conversations with your doctor around appropriate supplementation. All of which can decrease anxiety by rooting your spirit in your heart and treating all aspects of you.

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