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In Person Sessions

90 minute Initial Acupuncture Visit - $145

In depth initial consultation and assessment from a Chinese medicine perspective. Includes initial treatment, lifestyle support and treatment plan. 

60 minute Follow Up Acupuncture Visit - $115

Follow up acupuncture treatment with continued lifestyle support. May include acupuncture, reiki, guided meditation, cupping and gua sha.


60 minute Thai Massage Plus - $90

The session is based on a detailed health assessment, intuitive energy reading and collaboration between client and practitioner. Modalities include Thai Massage plus cupping, gua sha, guided meditation and master level reiki (based on client need).

60 minute Reiki Session - $90 

Reiki is a form of energy healing that works with universal energy. We are energy, what we eat provides energy, the planet is energy and our environment is energy. Life and it's unpredictability can sometimes cause this energy to be unbalanced. Using reiki we can influence this energy to flow back into alignment in and around our body. When we are in harmony energetically the body functions at it's best.

30 minute Focused Cupping - $50

A 30 minute focused session to release held tension, decrease pain and stiffness.


Virtual Sessions (To schedule a virtual session use the contact form on the booking page)


60 minute integrative session - $60-$90​- Done virtually via Zoom

Each session is an integrative blend of master level reiki, energy healing and meditation. The sessions are based on an intake health assessment

and an intuitive reading of your health needs. Fee is sliding scale to accommodate those with financial hardship at this time. 

30 minute distance reiki treatment -$40 

By utilizing the reiki distance symbol treatments can be provided on the mind, body,

emotions and spirit while in the comfort of your own home (not done over the phone or virtually, each session is done remotely). The sessions are unique, based on an intuitive reading of your health needs. Followed up with an in depth email on what treatment was provided. 

Meditation - Done virtually via Zoom

Private lesson single session 60 minutes - $60

Private lesson-4 sessions, 1 hour per week for 4 weeks - $200

All meditation private lessons include personalized follow up to help you carry on your mediation practice independently. 



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