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Andrea R. Jones
Registered Acupuncturist

Certified Thai Massage Therapist

Certified Meditation Instructor

Energy Practitioner

For more than a decade I have worked within the health care system as a nurse. My profession changed my perspective on life and what I value. It made me realize how rich and fragile life can be. Through my own journey of health and being an intimate witness to other's journeys I realized that we need to do more to help people live rich, full, self empowered lives. I began to broaden my training to allow me to work with individuals on a more integrative level. I combine my western health knowledge with my Chinese medicine knowledge to bridge the gap that exists in our current healthcare system. 


My Philosophy


" There is a thread that has moved through my life. A realization that I am surrendering to live fully in. It is that my passion and my true self are drawn to healthcare not for the physical or techinical aspects of the profession. It is for the chance I have to interact with humanity. To support the individual in those times of compunded stress. Allow them a voice. A chance to be heard, validated and seen even at their weakest most vulnerable moments. Through those moments transformation occurs, and healing can begin."



Andrea R. Jones

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